Saturday, January 18, 2014

DIY: Fringe Necklace

This weekend's DIY is not as difficult as it looks, I promise! I went in intending to make a heart fringe necklace, but the heart shape didn't really come through in my finished piece. I still like it, though!

You'll need beads in two different colors (the more contrast, the better!), wire cutters, a couple of jewelry pliers, beading wire, and head pins. Also needed but not pictured, a chain in whatever length you would prefer your necklace to be.

Usually I dive into projects head first and just wing it as I go, but I decided to be a bit more meticulous this time and used graph paper to plan where my beads would go.

For this pattern, I did two blue beads per box on the graph paper, and one pink bead per box. String the beads on the head pins, then bend each pin at the same distance from the top bead (I did 1 centimeter with this piece, I'll probably do less distance next time). Use your pliers to twist the end of the head pin to create a loop. You'll probably need to use one plier to hold the loop while you're twisting, and the other plier to hold the end of the pin and twist it. Then use your cutters to trim off the rest of the head pin that hasn't been twisted.

Once your pins are done, cut a couple of 10 inch pieces of beading wire. If you're using a thicker wire that is less flexible, you can probably use just one piece. Create a loop at one end of the pair of wires, then string the pins onto it, placing one or two beads between each pin, depending on how thick the beaded pins are. Once everything is on the wire, create another loop at the other end, then cut the excess wire.

Now all that's left to do is add a chain, and you're done!

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