Saturday, January 11, 2014

DIY: Cork Heart Ornament

Valentine's Day is coming up, my shop name has the word "love" in it, and I've amassed quite a stash of wine corks. I think those are three very good reasons for doing this DIY!

You'll need wine corks (obviously), a hot glue gun, a cutting board, a sharp knife (serrated works well for me), and embroidery thread.

Start by making sure all of your corks are roughly the same length. They don't need to be exactly the same length, but get them as close as you can. I only needed to trim a few of my corks, the rest were all pretty uniform.

Arrange your corks in the shape that you want them, then start gluing. The number of corks that you use may change as you go, I actually started with less corks set out, and then as I started gluing them together, I added a few more to get a better shape. The glued pieces will be flexible, so you can bend the ornament a bit as needed. 

I started with the point at the bottom of the heart and worked my way up. When I got to the point at the top of the heart, I glued the three pieces that make up the point together separately, then added them to the rest of the heart.

While the glue on the corks were drying, I braided 12 inches of embroidery thread together for hanging the ornament. Then I tied the thread onto the ornament, and done!

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